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Five Morsels of Love is a collection of over 100 heirloom recipes based on G Nirmala Reddy’s 1974 South Indian cookbook Vanita Vanṭakālu. In Five Morsels of Love, Nirmala Reddy’s granddaughter Archana captures a cross-section of their family recipes along with anecdotal stories and narrative introducing the reader to the flavors of the South Indian state Andhra Pradesh. The cookbook has detailed, well-curated and tested recipes ranging from wholesome vegetarian curries to spicy chicken curries to fiery spice powders to flavorful biryanis to celebratory sweets and all day snacks. With stunning photographs, great design and soulful writing there is so much to love about this book!

The book is divided into 6 sections - Vegetables, Meat & Fish, Rice, Powders, Chutneys & Pickles, All Day Snacks and Sweets. 85 of these recipes are vegetarian and 21 are meat based.

Made over 9 years, Five Morsels of Love is 288 pages of culinary magic.

Five Morsels of Love was shortlisted for The 2017 Art of Eating Prize

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